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A. C. Gray

For the past 30 years, Dr. Adriel Clark Gray has treated a growing circle of friends to his periodic reflections on life, nature, the human condition, the changing seasons, the earth's great nationalities, and whatever else caught his imagination. He's traveled all over the world in his work for the Air Force, the Peace Corps, the Red Cross, and other organizations. He's written a book called Pondering My Passage, which includes many of his favorite experiences . . . But there's much more of A.C.Gray's work than made the press run, and this is where you'll find a delightful sampling of it, drawn from his open letters to friends around the world. Most of it was written at Arbreux, his beloved retreat in the Shenandoah Mountains north of Harrisonburg, Virginia. . . Enjoy!

Sample this feast of articles from A. C. Gray's journal!


On the changing seasons...

About Christian faith and life:

  • One (coming soon)
  • Two (coming soon)
  • Three (coming soon)
  • Four (coming soon)

Around the world in 50 days:

Observations at large:

  • Joy in Life (6/9/99)
  • This (coming soon)
  • That (coming soon)
  • The Other (coming soon)



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