Introducing . . .

Pondering My Passage,
A Spiritual Odyssey

By A.C.Gray, Ph.D.

Some readers' comments:

  • Gray shares with us his whirlwind adventures in a flowing, readable style full of stunning and and graceful words, intriguing us to find out what happens next...By observing world cultures and religions, Gray finds his perfect peace in following the Christian faith. (One here is reminded of Huston Smith). Jeanne G. Lewis in Spiritual Frontiers.
  • Your written words bless is a privilege to call you friend. Carla Emery. author - The Encyclopedia of Country Living.
  • Something so beautiful which obviously comes from the heart. Leo Buscaglia, author Loving Each Other; etc.
  • I wish I could supply the world with copies. Lynne Chamberlin.
  • No amount of pondering can give me the words to thank you adequately for having written it. Clara Cassidy, author; Up In Years and Off My Rocker; etc.
  • An exhilarating armchair journey not only around the planet, but also into the soul. Written in gentle, unpretentious prose..A Christian mystic with a traditional core. NAPRA Review.
  • Tremendous. I appreciate the inspiration.. Gil A. Stricklin, Founder & President, Marketplace Ministries.
  • The message of the book is strongly Christian...Insight into what it means to be a Christian and to have a relationship with Jesus Christ pepper the pages. Carter Wiecking in The North Fork Journal
  • I love your style of writing...There is so much more crying out to be written now that you have whetted our appetite...well done, and thank you for the opportunity to share in a tantalizing glimpse of your unusual and wonderful life. Rosemary Johnson, Bluff, New Zealand.
  • I am profoundly touched by your thoughts. Francoise de Jonge, Paris, France.
  • Your exceptional ability to blend history, geography, literature, theology and the kaleidoscope of cultures of our world into a meaningful tapestry is wonderful to behold. Wesley M. Pattillo, Birmingham, Alabama.
  • You have achieved something remarkable with your book, and I thank you every time I read from it. Michael Brackney, American Red Cross.
  • If everyone could read this book, the world would truly be a better place. Robin Myers, Springfield, VA.
  • What a wonderful contribution...Dr. Dale E. Turner; The Seattle Times.


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