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November 2005
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  “ For several decades we psychologists looked upon the whole matter of sin and moral accountability as a great incubus and acclaimed our liberation from it as epoch making. But at length we have discovered that to be free in this sense, that is, to have the excuse of being sick rather than sinful, is to court the danger of also becoming lost… In becoming amoral, ethically neutral and free, we have cut the very roots of our being, lost our deepest sense of selfhood and identity, and with neurotics, themselves, we find ourselves asking, "Who am I, what is my deepest destiny, what does living mean?"  Hobart Mowrer

Chalet L’Abri, November 2005…

Measuring My Days…acg

Thanksgiving comes to us out of the prehistoric dimness, universal to all ages and all faiths. At whatever straws we must grasp, there is always a time for gratitude and new beginnings. 

                  J. Robert Moskin


Arrives now November with its All Saints Day and emphasis on offering Thanksgiving for the bounty of another year.  All Saints Day is a universal Christian Feast that remembers and honors all Christian saints.  In the widened definition of “saints”, believers all may consider themselves included, not just those the universal Christian church has designated because of an unusual committed life.  Even before the Middle Ages, Christians found it necessary to honor all the dead, not alone those who had embraced the Christian faith, so that November 2nd came to the Roman calendar as All Souls’ Day.  Ergo, once more I remember all souls and send up countless Deo Gratis for my multitude of blessings, for friends still living and those gone on to a certain Heaven.  I mark this November with a special Thanksgiving, too, for the beautiful new rustic cedar roof that crowns the chalet – security and comfort against the winds, rain, and snow of the seasons passing in review.  Likewise,  a deep sense of gratitude for the skills and the safety of the men who braved the steep slope of the chalet and finished the work intact with no broken bones!

As October slipped away, the deep forest back of the chalet became a shower of daily color with leaves falling and sunlight penetrating the forest floor.  Now from the living room, kitchen, bedroom and loft windows, I shall watch winter snows descend and forest creatures, myself included,  find comfort in the eternal hope that spring will return on cue some fine majestic April morning.


“It was while I was in the Holy Land for the purpose of making three …television programs on the New Testament that a curious, almost magical, certainty seized me about Jesus' birth, ministry and Crucifixion . . . I became aware that there really had been a man, Jesus, who was also God - I was conscious of His presence. He really had spoken those sublime words - I heard them. He really had died on a cross and risen from the dead. Otherwise, how was it possible for me to meet Him, as I did? . . . The words Jesus spoke are living words, as relevant today as when they were first spoken; the light He shone continues to shine as brightly as ever. Thus He is alive,… The Cross is where history and life, legend and reality, time and eternity, intersect. There, Jesus is nailed for ever to show us how God could become a man and a man become God. “  Malcolm Muggeridge:  Jesus Rediscovered.