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Log of a Journey
Around the World

Passenger/author A. C. Gray's Pondering Another Passage records the fascinating details of life aboard a modern freighter on a journey around the world and his spiritual adventure as he revels in the physical environment of the high seas. Reviewers praise his poetic prose:

  • "The manuscript is so well-written, so interesting, and so full of the fascinating details of life aboard a modern freighter." 
    —Muriel and Lester Bittel, Bridgewater, VA.

  • "The author’s account transcends the boundaries of conventional travel writing, exploring the spiritual dimensions such experience offers rather than focusing simply upon the details of cultures and landscapes. His prose is fluid and lyrical, making for enjoyable reading. He effectively breathes life into his experiences and successfully creates an intensely atmospheric and thought-provoking work." —Andrew Grice, London, England

  • "By incorporating engineering, sailing lore, natural philosophy and a myriad of other topics into every page, he fleshes out the spiritual framework of the journal with an obvious love and admiration for the physical world." —Carter Wiecking, Seven Fountains, VA.

A. C. Gray has traveled the globe in his several careers as a U.S. Air Force officer, American Red Cross and Peace Corps humanitarian, and consultant to the World Bank and other organizations. His memoir, Pondering My Passage, A Spiritual Odyssey, chronicles his earlier travels through more than eighty countries. The author lives at Arbreux, his home in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

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