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Cover Photo
Sea Oats ... photo by Sam Gray

Signs.....Intimations of Autumn.  There they were as reminders to me that another summer will  too soon be history;  a line of sleepy starlings on telephone wires like clothes hung out to dry.  Soon thereafter, two flocks of Canadian geese, flying in tandem, doubling the pleasure.  Then again, more starlings –whirling in 4/4 time, I saw them waltzing in the backdrop of the Alleghenies as if Zubin Mehta and a full orchestra measured their flight tempo.  A late monarch butterfly, the ancient symbol of life eternal, effortlessly jumped a fence at Oakdale park where I walk and corrected my perspective.  Annie Dillard decided that God created a profusely varied world and it was our human task to experience it all., citing Ralph Waldo Emerson who dreamed that an angel brought him the world reduced to the size of an apple and noted we must eat every bit of it.  So my petition becomes, “give me wisdom, Lord, to savor Your  creation and truly behold Your glory.” 


"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms, and, if it proved to be mean, why then to get the whole and genuine meanness of it, and publish its meanness to the world; or if it were sublime, to know it by experience, and be able to give a true account of it in my next excursion."

— Henry David Thoreau, in Walden

 Sunny Ears

I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment, while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn.Henry David Thoreau


In The Blue Of The Night

 Full moon -  RIP - Neil Armstrong    

  The measure with which God gives the gift of visible community is varied. Christians who live dispersed from one another are comforted by a brief visit of another Christian, a prayer together, and another Christian’s blessing. Indeed, they are strengthened by letters written by the hand of other Christians. Paul’s greetings in his letters written in his own hand were no doubt tokens of such community. Others are given the gift on Sundays of the community of the worship service. Still others have the privilege of living a Christian life in the community of their families.                                 Dietrich Bonhoeffer

 Signs of autumn ...

You will go out in joy

and be led forth with peace;

 the mountains and hills

will burst into song before you,

 and all the trees of the field

will clap their hands.\

Isaiah 55:12-13