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How stealthily now spring is merging into summer here topside of our big blue marble!  It seems only yesterday that snow covered our Blue Ridge and Alleghenies  - always visible from anyplace in our valley.  Spring flowers have strutted their hour upon the stage and now a symphony of summer blossoms hold forth.  Robins, killdeer, cardinals, titmice, bumble bees, rabbits, and butterflies inhabit these precincts.  The Holy Spirit is in this place reminding me again that a loving God created this home we call earth along with billions of other places in the galaxies of His universe as magical as this.


          These past few months I have been blessed with the time to rediscover the wonder of the Holy Book.  Edited by the Holy Spirit over centuries of time, forty men writing sixty-six books of history, poetry, letters, and prophecy is an integrated message of God’s magnificent adventure.  Reading them prayerfully and with the guidance of scholars who have taken Him seriously, I am finding that certain words and phrases take on deeper more meaningful insight for living the abundant life.  Paul, writing from prison in Rome, tells the Colossian church to “set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” We live in two dimensions, we who are joint heirs in the kingdom.  “Spiritually, we are not republicans, democrats, or libertarians; we are monarchists”, say Chuck Missler.  We reign with Him in the sense that we have the power with prayer to overcome all the obstacles and crucibles that confront us, because of His grace. We have royal blood and can live worry-free above all the controversies of this earthly worldly and political quagmire.  We live with the knowledge that religions are men’s attempts to reconcile themselves with God while God has already done that for those of us who have found new life in Christ.  Selah


“If some things in this world are passing, and other things are permanent, then clearly the vital question is, ‘To which are we linking our lives?’  With which are we secretly identified in our inmost hearts?  In that question lies our destiny.  Link yourself to the things that perish – the materialisms, the selfishness, the earthly pleasures which go out at last into the dark – link yourself to them, and your doom is to go out with them.  But link yourself to the things that remain – the righteousness that is of God, the purity that guards the vision, the unselfish love that only thinks of others – link yourself to these, and to Christ in whom they have reached their crowning glory, and your destiny is to survive the stars themselves, and to stand even on the day when God sweeps the world away.”  James Stewart, in a sermon, “The Word and Will of the Lord.”



Whirlpool Galaxy

   Whirlpool Galaxy                                                                       

“And this stands today as the central demand of Christianity, that when you and I are baffled by life and cannot see purpose in it anywhere, and when we stand facing the final alternative of despair or faith, we should not decide until we have included the fact of Jesus in our evidence, and taken cognizance of His life and death and victory, and seen across the midnight darkness the bright and morning star….How do I know, looking at Jesus, that life has a meaning, and God a purpose?  I know it from His character.  Into this tumbled, chaotic world there has appeared at one point of time that quality of life – absolute chivalry, consistency unwavering, love triumphant over every evil, compassion as wide as the sea, purity as steady as a rock.  And when I gaze at that, immediately there is a voice in my own heart that begins to cry ---“The meaning of life is there!  God’s purpose for me, and for all humanity is there.  Soul of mine, follow that gleam!”  James Stewart, in a sermon -  Clouds, Darkness and Morning Star.

The Fibonacci Sequence

Individuality  -- the trademark of any artist, designer, or architect, each desires a uniqueness to their creation,  a quality that separates it from any other.  Man naturally has this individuality. – his fingerprint. There are 6.5 billion people on the face of the earth and no two fingerprints are the same.  Everything we touch or make contact with is branded with a small expressed image revealing to all who see it -  Who was there!  

Around  1200 AD  a man named Leonard Pasado, better known as Fibonacci, discovered a sequence of numbers that created a very interesting pattern.  The sequence begins with the numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and continues indefinitely.  Each number is obtained by adding the last two digits together.  A rectangle with the length and width of any two of the numbers of this sequence forms what is known as the golden rectangle, a perfect rectangle.  A golden rectangle can be broken down into squares the size of the next F numbers down and below.  If we were to take a golden or perfect rectangle, break it down into smaller squares based on Fibonacci’s sequence, and divide each with an arc, the patterns begins to take shape.   We begin to see Fibonacci’s spiral…the spiral in and of itself is insignificant; its importance is revealed in where we find it. 

Take for example the sunflower the display of its florets are in perfect spirals of 55, 34 and 21 -  sequence of  Fibonacci; the fruitlets of the pineapple creates the same sequence;  the pine cone does the same.  As currents move through the ocean and the tide rolls onto the shore,   the waves that bring in the tide, curve into a spiral that can be mathematically diagrammed onto a plot:  1,1, 2,3,5,8,13,21,34 and 55.

Buds on trees, sand dollars, starfish, petals on flowers and especially the nautilus shell are formed with this exact same blueprint.  With each segment of growth, the nautilus adds to itself one more value on Fibonacci’s scale.  This blue print can be seen around us on a small scale every day.  But the greatest example of all is directly above our heads.  At an average of 100, 000 light years across, even the spiral of the galaxies above us are formed with the exact design that the tiny shell is formed. This sequence, our blueprint, appears to be the trademark of a Designer, a proof of a Creator, something left behind Indicating the One who is there – a fingerprint.   As we span our universe from the tiny flower to the awe inspiring galaxies, we see the fingerprint of God.    And we are forced to ask:  “Who is God?”

Source:  YouTube illustrations of this narrative.  Author,  Unknown.

The Apostle Paul, writing to the Romans, "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse...(Romans 1:20. NKJV).

Readers are encouraged to examine this phenomenon more carefully at this website: 

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